Latin America Economy
Latin America Economy   
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What is CESLA? - Latin America Economics


CESLA is a centre dedicated to the analysis of Latin American economies. It functions under the umbrella of the Klein Institute of the Autonomous University of Madrid: It is sponsored by GAS NATURAL, IBERDROLA, OHL Concesiones, Red Eléctrica de España, REPSOL YPF, SANTANDER Universidades, TELEFÓNICA and which collaborates BAYES FORECAST y GRUPO TRUSAM.

The creation of CESLA was prompted by the following aims:

  • To become a point of reference for Spanish companies who have commercial interests and /or, are engaged in financial activities in Latin America, or who provide services in said region; by acting as a Centre for Analysis and providing them with information regarding the position, evaluation and evolution of the economies in question.
  • To operate as an Information Exchange Forum for the numerous Latin American economic analysis institutes.
  • To function as a point of reference for the Latin American Community as a data analysis centre for the continent and by extension for the European Union.
  • To provide a promotional platform for those institutions that are interested in propagating activities and services in Latin America.


CESLA - Institute for Economic Forecasting
School CC. EE. y EE. (Mod. E-XIV)
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
CP 28049 - Cantoblanco
Madrid - España
Phone: +34 91 497 41 91
Fax: +34 91 497 41 91



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